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The versatility of temperature sensitive paints and inks is unlimited.



Six ranges of products are:

Main: Inorganic. A coating produced with acrylic thermo-setting resins, compatible solvents or water-based and pigments with thermochromic qualities. Where coatings must stand temperatures above 280°C, a proportion of the resin will include silicon material.

Reveal: A thermochromic coating prepared as paint, ink or device produced with inorganic pigments on an acrylic solvent based resin. Initially one strong colour that disappears upon temperature reaching a 'trigger' temperature. Different from other ranges, it completely vanishes leaving the colour (if any) of the substrate, or message clearly visible.

Computer: An off-white water-based liquid produced from organic encapsulated thermochromic pigments

Chill: A Thermochromic coating prepared as a paint, ink or assembled in various devices, generally with self adhesive backing.

Liquid Crystal : A semitransparent paint, ink or device made from same.

Label: Thermochromic paint can be embedded into stickers and labels for permanent placement onto equipment. All thermochromic labels can be tailored to your needs.

“colour-therm supplies Thermochromic paints and inks as well heat sensitive paints and inks."

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